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Disciplinary Policy - Reporting Yellow Cards - Red Cards

AC Cugini takes the safety and conduct of ALL players very seriously and expects all those involved (whether as participant or observer) to do so as well. In order to prevent any violation occurrences, team officials shall attempt to control the action of the players, parents, and their team supporters.  Any breach of the AC Cugini Code of Conduct, AC Cugini policies, league policies, other unsportsmanlike conduct, use of derogatory language, or the willful failure to follow the rules by a coach, team official, player, or parent at a game shall be brought to the attention of AC Cugini’s Executive Director.  The Executive Director shall forward the complaint to AC Cugini’s Disciplinary Committee (selected by the officers of the Board).  

AC Cugini's  Disciplinary Committee is charged with investigating and adjudicating repeated and/or serious violations of  the AC Cugini Code of Conduct, cases of misconduct, violations of FIFA “Laws of the Game”, and violations of Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA), Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL), National Capital Soccer league (NCSL), Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS), Suburban Friendship League (SFL) regulations.  
Consequences for these violations may range from a single game suspension to a lifetime ban.  Disciplinary action may be taken against any team official, player, parent, supporter, or club officer, instructor, or official in connection with activities on AC Cugini home fields or elsewhere.

Disciplinary Hearings and Appeals:
Offenders will have the opportunity to appear before the Disciplinary Committee. Parents and coaches may also attend.  Appeals must be directed to the AC Cugini Disciplinary Committee Chairperson within one week of the Disciplinary Committee decision. If necessary, the appeal may need to be made in person at the next Board meeting.  Suspensions must be served while the appeal is pending.  

Yellow Card - Red Cards Policy:

 It is the responsibility of every team official, player, and parent to know the rules of the league in which your team plays regarding yellow cards, red cards, accumulated points and sit outs. This information is available on each league website listed below. It is also the responsibility of every team official, player (and their parent) to report to Cugini club officials any yellow or red cards received during league play in a timely fashion. All team managers must keep accurate records of any yellow cards, red cards received by team officials or players. Team managers, coaches, and players must report any yellow and red cards to AC Cugini’s Executive Director within 24 hours by email: [email protected].

Specific League Information on Discipline, Red Cards/Yellow Cards, Sitouts/Suspensions: