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RES Roma USA Girls Academy Program - VIrginia


In 2012, Italian professional club RES Roma Calcio Femminile, the women’s side of powerhouse AS Roma, approached AC Cugini President Fabio Diletti to develop an all girls soccer academy in the United States and serve as its Technical Director to further expose American players to Italian player development methodology . In 2013, AC Cugini launched RES Roma USA, based in Virginia the first organization in America to be affiliated with a professional Italian women’s soccer club. The objective of the all girls academy is to strengthen female player development to prepare athletes for high school play, college level play, or play at the professional level in the United States or Italy. All players will receive guidance on retaining U.S. college/university athletic scholarship status.

RES Roma Official Announcement of AC Cugini Partnership

Virginia Girls Academy Team Tryouts


AC Cugini RES Roma holds tryouts for its Virginia Academy Program at Lake Fairfax, Field 4 on Wednesdays and Fridays. AC Cugini also welcomes entire teams from outside AC Cugini to join the RES Roma USA Girls Academy program for league play in EDP, NCSL, ODSL

  • RES Roma 2005 (WAGS)  - players born in 2005
  • RES Roma 2004 (WAGS)  - players born in 2004
  • RES Roma 2003 (WAGS)  - players born in 2003

Note: AC Cugini still allows younger players to play up, unlike other clubs that are now splitting up existing teams to have only one age group on a team;  eg., all 2003s, or all 2004s, or all 2005s, etc/. Therefore, a 2004 age player may play up on a 2003 age team.

For more information on tryouts or bringing a team to AC Cugini:
Contact Fabio Diletti (703.477.5957;

Cancellation Notices
Be sure to check the AC Cugini Facebook page for tryout cancellations  - including on days after periods of rain - as the County will close grass fields due to muddy conditions, even on sunny days. We also cancel practices last minute or after a tryout begins whenever there is thunder and lightening.

    Tryout and Registration

  • A player must attend a minimum of 2 tryouts to be reviewed. Players must bring the completed and signed AC Cugini Travel Team Tryout Form and give to Fabio Diletti at the 1st tryout. (No player will be permitted to try out without this completed form.)

  • After 2 tryouts, Fabio Diletti or AC Cugini's Executive Director will send an email to the parents of accepted players inviting the player to join the travel team along with the Academy Travel Program Registration packet and fee details..(Parents must list on the tryout form a working email that the parent will check frequently.)

  • Once a player  received an invitation to join the team, parents must submit all registration forms along with first tuition payment and uniform payment by the deadline specified in the acceptance email. Note: A player’s spot can only be confirmed if parents submit the registration forms and appropriate fees by deadline specified in the acceptance email.

  • The 11-month academy program for the new program year  (8/1/16 to 6/15/17) begins the first week of August.

Scholarships, Financial Assistance, Payment Arrangements


  • Reduced tuition scholarships are limited and available only to residents of Fairfax County with illustrated financial need who attend a Fairfax County Pubic School and who have complied with the AC Cugini Code of Conduct. Scholarship are at the discretion of AC Cugini Board of Directors as well as the coach and trainer who waive their training/coaching fee for a scholarship player.
  • Those paying the standard tuition fee may make one annual payment when they join the team or pay in 4 or more installments.
  • Assistance is also available to all players who do not qualify for a scholarship but require additional alternate payment arrangements.
  • Parents may contact AC Cugini's Executive Director anytime to discuss financial issues:

For more information on the registration process, payments, scholarships, or financial assistance, contact:
AC Cugini Executive Director Lisa Cherubini:

RES Roma Academy Program Details

AC Cugini's annual academy team tuition for those players enrolled in the 11-month academy program (August 1, 2016 to June 15, 2017) has been the same since 2009 and includes AC Cugini - RES Roma USA Club membership fees, professional training in summer, fall, winter, and spring 2x week, goalkeeper training year round, winter outdoor futsal league, travel league fees, insurance, referee fees, VYSA and US Youth Soccer membership, Fairfax County athletic user fees,  AC Cugini paid office staff and office expenses.  Note: The academy tuition fees DO NOT include tournament registration fees as tournament participation is decided on a team-by-team basis. Uniform fees are also extra.

Benefits of Joining a RES Roma Academy Team


  • An identifiable and world renowned player development program - one sanctioned by the Italian National Olympic Committee and the Italian National Soccer Federation. 
  • Reasonable tuition fees at lower rates compared to many other clubs plus FREE Goalkeeper training year round.
  • The annual standard tuition fee for the11-month program includes all professional training 2-3 times per week (summer, fall, winter, spring), coaching (for league play and any tournaments),  AC Cugini's winter outdoor futsal league on weekends, team travel league fees (fall and spring), VYSA and US Youth Soccer membership, insurance, Fairfax County athletic field use fees. NOTE: Tournament registration fees are not included as tournament participation is decided on a team-by-team basis.
  • Summer Camp discounts for siblings.
  • Automatic acceptance on AC Cugini’s RES Roma USA girls  tournament teams traveling to Italy each summer (extra fee to participate).
  • Training in Italy each summer and the opportunity to stay at the Italian Olympic Athletes Training Center in Rome. (extra fee to participate).
  • Review by talent scouts from Italian professional womens' club RES Roma Calcio Femminile.
  • RES Roma USA Girls Academy players age 17 and older have the opportunity to play professional soccer in Italy and attend the University of Roma, at ½ the cost of U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Tryout arrangements in Italy with professional Italian clubs for select players, including all translation services, and negotiation services in Italy.

The AC Cugini Club Membership fee covers the work of club staff and office expenses including, but not limited to the following:

  • Working with Board members in the USA and Italy on all programming
  • Managing the day- to-day business operations, including developing budgets and handling al accounting and accounts receivable/payable
  • Developing and conducting international programs in the USA and Italy, including all communication with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI Servizi) and the  Italian Soccer Federation  (FIGC) and professional Italian clubs with which AC Cugini is affiliated (RES Roma Calcio Femminile, Brescia Calcio)
  • Scouting and selecting U.S. and Canadian players for overseas opportunities, including directing negotiations and translation services (English-Italian/Italian English) with Italian professional clubs
  • Ordering uniforms and equipment (including training equipment, nets, goals, field lining paint)
  • Developing uniform and spirit wear catalog
  • Developing, managing, processing all registration forms (hard copy and online)
  • Notifying players of acceptance to an academy program team along with providing all  necessary documents to complete registration
  • Collection/followup on member payments
  • Working with families on a one- to-one basis on alternate payment arrangements
  • All Marketing - including paid advertising on team tryouts; writing and managing the AC Cugini website, Facebook page, and twitter account; writing and publishing the Club’s digital newsletter - Calcio Connection
  • Developing fundraising guidelines and resources and communicating this to to all AC Cugini members; Publicizing team fundraising events on AC Cugini social media
  • Developing scholarship program and reviewing and approving  all scholarships, including notifying all scholarship applicants
  • Communicating with AC Cugini team officials and members as well as with all travel league officials (EDP, NCSL, ODSL), state associations (VYSA, MSYSA), and state and local government officials (Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community services, Fairfax County Park Authority, Fairfax County Public Schools, etc.)
  • Submitting field usage applications
  • Lining home fields
  • Submitting team applications and field permit times to travel leagues
  • Scheduling field usage with teams
  • Working with referee assignors, including arranging for alternate fields for home games
  • Reviewing and approving all team rosters
  • Communicating with and guiding team managers and coaches on the roster process and travel league rules and procedures (EDP, NCSL, ODSL)
  • Representing the Club at travel league meetings and on all US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, VYSA, MSYSA-related matters
  • Followup with AC Cugini members, team officials, and Board of Directors on disciplinary matters
  • Office expenses (utilities, telephone, hotline number, internet service, website hosting,Constant Contact marketing service, office equipment, office  supplies, postage, etc.). 

To discuss the RES Roma USA Girls Academy program, contact RES Roma USA Technical Director Fabio Diletti: 703.477.5957;