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Italian Soccer Academy

Boys  Academy  Program - Brescia Calcio Affiliation


In 2013, Italian professional club Brescia Calcio invited AC Cugini to form an affiliation with AC Cugini's boys academy to further enhance the Italian player development methodology that AC Cugini teaches.. The objective of the boys academy is to prepare athletes for high school play, college level play, or play at the professional level in the United States or Italy. AC  Cugini members have the opportunity to be reviewed by talent scouts from  Brescia Calcio as well as other professional Italian clubs, participate in summer training  camps in Virginia and in Italy with Brescia Calcio instructors and special tournaments in Italy sponsored by Brescia Calcio.

Contact Information

For tryout information for Virginia teams or to discuss bringing a team to AC Cugini, contact AC Cugini President & Boys Academy Technical Director Fabio Diletti: 703.477.5957; [email protected].

    Tryout / Release Form

    Parents must complete the Tryout Release/Waiver Form and submit to Head Coach at first tryout.

    Tryout and Acceptance Process
    • Acceptance to an AC Cugini travel team is not automatic, it is by invitation only after a player has attended tryouts.
    • A player must attend a minimum of 2 tryouts to be reviewed.
    • Players must bring the completed and signed AC Cugini Travel Team Tryout Form and give to  Fabio Diletti at the 1st tryout. (No player will be permitted to try out without this completed form.)
    • After 2 tryouts, Fabio Diletti or AC Cugini's Executive Director will send an email to the parents of accepted players inviting the player to join the academy team along with the Academy Travel Program Registration packet and all fees detailed. (Parents must list on the tryout form a working email that the parent will check frequently.)
    • If a player is invited to join the team, parents must submit all registration forms along with first tuition payment and uniform payment by the deadline specified in the acceptance email from the AC Cugini representative.

      A player’s spot can only be confirmed if parents submit the registration forms and appropriate fees by deadline specified in the acceptance email. The 10-month academy program for the new program year begins the first week of August.


    For more information on the registration process, contact: AC Cugini Executive Director Lisa Cherubini: [email protected].