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Message from AC Cugini 's Executive Director:

Before each season, AC Cugini reminds players and their families of the importance of volunteering to participate in team fundraisers to support the team as well as more easily afford soccer expenses - whether tournament fees, State Cup fees, uniform fees, AC Cugini player fees, overseas travel for tAC Cugini's  Play Soccer in Italy program, etc.  AC Cugini well understands that fundraising takes time and that everyone has a busy home and work life and that some parents hold down two or more jobs. However, there are many opportunities and ways every parent and every player can participate in a fundraiser - whether dining out at a restaurant designated as a fundraiser, purchasing an item the team is selling, or, by simply telling family members, friends, church members, neighbors - by phone, text, email, or Facebook/twitter  - about any fundraiser to ensure the fundraiser is a success.  

We ask all players to consider that giving back to your team when you have others working hard to help you is an extremely positive experience for all, with long-lasting benefits. Fundraising is also essential for players on scholarship as they are required to participate in at least one fundraiser per year to maintain their scholarship status.

AC Cugini is always happy to publicize any fundraiser a team conducts on the AC Cugini Facebook page and website. So please send me details about your team fundraiser as soon as you finalize the event/activity so we can help promote it well in advance!

Below are important guidelines, requirements, and resources to help teams get started.

Best wishes to all AC Cugini teams for successful fundraising!l 

Lisa Cherubini
Executive Director

Fundraising Guidelines

Getting Started

  • Teams should open a team bank account in the name of the team (example: "RES Roma 03", "Calciomania 01",  "Ascoli", etc.). Any bank will open a simple non-profit account for a sports team if team has an EIN (which anyone can request from the IRS by completing and faxing a 1-page document). The EIN can also be requested online on the IRS site: Use this account to deposit funds or pay team expenses.
  • Keep an Excel spread sheet with list of player names and any amounts the player raised. We do not recommend sharing funds across the entire team but rather distributing or crediting players individually, based on actual player participation. This is not only equitable, it provides a strong  incentive for every player to participate and helps guarantee a successful fundraiser. So when it is time to register for a tournament or buy uniforms, each player will be advised of how much of their fundraising funds are available to use. Send everyone a file with individual names and amounts available. Those with no funds listed will need to pay their share of whatever fee/purchase is needed.  
  • Identify fundraising volunteers on your team to coordinate and manage the fundraiser. As Team Managers already have enough responsibilities, it is helpful if parents other than the Team Manager volunteer as fundraising “coordinators". Having a team treasurer to manage the team fundraisng account is highly recommended.
  • For maximum success, all team parents/players members should promote their team fundraiser by email, phone, and their personal Facebook/twitter page.
  • AC Cugini will publicize a team fundraiser on the AC Cugini Facebook page and AC Cugini website if the team forwards information to AC Cugini Executive Director Lisa Cherubini: [email protected].

Important Reminders / Requirements

  • Adult supervision is required when minors are involved.
  • The AC Cugini, RES Roma, or Brescia Calcio names/logos may not be used in any TEAM-sponsored fundraising.

  • Teams may not list AC Cugini, RES Roma, Brescia, or Roma Academy Maryland as a sponsor/organizer of any TEAM-sponsored fundraiser. AC Cugini club officials may not be listed in any contact info for TEAM fundraisers.

  • Teams may not use the AC Cugini name or AC Cugini Tax ID# for any TEAM fundraisers, bank accounts, or in corporate sponsorship agreements/contracts.
  • AC Cugini does not guarantee any fundraisers or endorse any fundraiser providers.
  • AC Cugini members may not use the AC Cugini, RES Roma, or Brescia Calcio names or logos or Roma Academy Maryland program name to print on any clothing, business cards, or other "promotional" items or spirit wear.
  • Teams should contact AC Cugini President Fabio Diletti if they wish to purchase AC Cugini, RES Roma clothing or accessories (car magnets, visors, etc.) for team use or to sell for a fundraiser.

Corporate Sponsorships

If you identify a corporate sponsor, please contact Lisa Cherubini, Executive Director: [email protected]


  • AC Cugini can only list corporate sponsor logos and links to their company website on the AC Cugini website or Facebook page or in AC Cugini's monthly digital newsletter, Calcio Connection (circulation 2400) that have donated to the club, not a specific team.
  • Only a CLUB-WIDE corporate sponsor logo may be used on team uniforms, which AC Cugini President Fabio Diletti must approve and arrange. 

Seasonal Fundraising

Spring and Summer

  • fun run
  • car wash
  • dog walking
  • plant watering
  • lawn mowing
  • mulch sales
  • flower / vegetable seed sales
  • bake sales
  • raffles for free merchandise - services from local vendors
  • AC Cugini brand "Spiritwear" sales (hoodies, sun visors, caps, car magnets -  contact AC Cugini Executive Director))
  • Italian dinner party through AC Cugini sponsor Three Brothers Italian Restaurant contact AC Cugini Executive Director)


  • fun run
  • leaf raking
  • bake sales
  • pumpkin sales
  • dog walking
  • plant watering
  • raffles for free merchandise - services from local vendors
  • AC Cugini brand "Spiritwear" sales (hoodies, sun visors, caps, car magnets - contact AC Cugini Executive Director)
  •  Italian dinner party through AC Cugini sponsor Three Brothers Italian Restaurant contact AC Cugini Executive Director)



  • snow shoveling
  • Christmas wreath sales
  • coffee/hot chocolate sales
  • gift wrapping
  • holiday bake sale
  • raffles for free merchandise - services from local vendors
  • AC Cugini "Spiritwear" sales (hoodies, sun visors, caps, car magnets - AC Cugini Executive Director)
  •  Italian dinner party through AC Cugini sponsor Three Brothers Italian Restaurant contact AC Cugini Executive Director)


Restaurant Fundraisers
Ask team parents if they have family or friends who own or manage restaurants that would sponsor an event. Or perhaps parents have access to a club house at at their swim club that teams might be able to use for a team fundraising dinner where tickets are sold to dine. AC Cugini sponsor, Three Brothers Italian Restaurant, will cater an Italian dinner at special prices for any team fundraiser .Below are additional restaurants that conduct fundraisers.  Note: AC Cugini does not endorse any one fundraising source nor do we guarantee the success of any fundraiser.

  • Chipotle - Successful if you can schedule a fundraiser as it is very popular.  Must be scheduled 3 months in advance and you may need to hit every Chipotle in a 10-mile radius to  schedule one.
  • Three Brothers Italian Restaurant contact AC Cugini Executive Director
  • Glory Days - 10% contribution. There is a new one at North Point Village in Reston: website
  • Pomodoro - Restaurant near Dulles Town Center owned by native Italian and close friend of AC Cugini President Fabio Diletti. Pomodoro will donate 10% if you mention you are an AC Cugini team when you reserve a date for team fundraiser:  website
  • Mighty Kans Mongolian Grill - Contributes 15%:  website
  • Silver Diner - Donates 20% of all new sales and gets kids involved in running the Diner: website
  • Chick- Fil-A - website
  • PotBelly - website
  • Panera Bread - website
  • Boston Market - Contributes 15%
  • Restaurant Fundraiser Resource site - Extensive list of restaurants offering fundraising opportunities: website


Fundraising Resources (Additional found online by searching for "sports fundraisers”, "fundraiser")

  • Wreaths Across America - Honors veterans with wreath laying at military cemeteries:  website
  • Holiday Shop - Online fundraising - great for the holidays: website
  • Alpine Farms - Christmas wreaths:  website
  • Sherwood Forest Farms - Christmas wreaths: website
  • Java Joes - Coffee fundraiser ;very successful in the past! Will customize packaging with club/team logowebsite
  • Go Fund Me - website
  • Group Raise - website
  • Fun Fundraising - website
  • Sports Moms Survival Guide - website
  • Entertainment Fundraising - website