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Italian Soccer Academy

Application Deadlines

  • New players joining an AC Cugini 11-month academy  travel team for a new program year may request a reduced fee - scholarship when they are offered an invitation to join the team.

  • Current AC Cugini travel team members must submit their request for reduced fee - scholarship before the June 1 registration deadline for the new program year.

  • Players in AC Cugini's Pre-Travel Academy program in Maryland (ages 6-8) ) must request a scholarship prior to Fall or Spring season registration deadlines.

For more information on
AC Cugini Scholarships 
or to make a donation to
the Scholarship Fund,
Lisa Cherubini
AC Cugini Executive Director 
[email protected]

Financial Obligation

  • Scholarships do not cover extra fees for tournaments or indoor league registration. These fees must be paid by the player to the team.

  • If a travel team player is on scholarship and leaves an AC Cugini team before the program for which they are enrolled ends (in November or iJune, the player's parents are obligated to pay AC Cugini the standard tuition fees for the entire program year, less any tuition fees paid to date. 

  • There are no refunds for any fees paid.

AC Cugini Scholarship Program

Since its founding in 2000, AC Cugini has been committed to making sure soccer is available to children with financial need, whether playing in a recreational team or a travel team in the 11-month program. In 2013, US Soccer granted AC Cugini "Soccer Across America" status due to its long history of financial assistance to children from low income families.

Scholarships are a privilege, not a right, particularly when limited funds are available to support players financially. Therefore, AC Cugini expects each scholarship recipient and their parents to view the scholarship policy seriously and illustrate commitment to their team by attending all practices and games and participating in fund-raising activities.

  • The number of  scholarships is based on available funds in the AC Cugini Scholarship Fund.
  • Scholarships are granted per season (Pre-Travel Academy program) or for 11-months (Academy Program members)



To be eligible, applicants must be  currently receiving assistance from one or more of the following programs:
  • Free or Reduced School Lunch in a Public School
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Aid for Dependent Children;
  • Medicaid

Application Process

1) Parents must submit registration for the program in which their child is enrolling, applicable payment, and proof of the following aid:
  • Free or Reduced School Lunch in a Public School 
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 
  • Aid for Dependent Children
  • Medicaid

2) AC Cugini's Executive Director will notify the parent is their child's scholarship was approved or denied, or, if additional information is required to approve the scholarship.



  • Approval of a scholarship is not a guarantee of assistance for future seasons or another program year.


  •  Attendance at all practices and games year round is mandatory.


  • AC Cugini's Board of Directors reserve the right not to renew scholarships of any players who repeatedly miss practice or games. 


  • Uniform fees, team tournament fees, indoor league fees are not covered by the scholarship. Players must make arrangements with team managers directly to pay these fees.