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May, 2020

Stay Safe, Practice Social Distancing, and Wear a Mask!

We have paused our soccer programming for an undetermined amount of time. We support keeping our kids safe as well as their families. We also have learned a lot from having our 3 kids, other family and friends in Italy cope with lockdown long before those in the United States had to adapt their lives to this pandemic. Italians have complied admirably with a NATIONAL lockdown for 5-6 weeks before the United States, which only had lockdowns by city and state. Furthermore, the lockdown in Italy was far more restrictive than anything here in America, yet Italians didn't whine and complain or march on state houses with assault rifles. Please don't rush to open everything just so you can enjoy leisure activties. Your life and the lives of everyone around you depend on you staying safe and practicing social distancing... and wearing a mask, which is the least you can do! Listen to the scientists!