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About our Club

AC Cugini, founded in 2000 with programs in the USA and Italy, is an official Italian scuola calcio (soccer academy) with teams previously sanctioned by the Italian National Olympic Committee - Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano Servizi (CONI Servizi) and the Italian Soccer Federation - Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC). AC Cugini has always offered a unique and exceptional training environment with the goal of developing players over the long term and nurturing passion for the game, in keeping with the long tradition and history of success of the Italian scuola calcio player development model.

In 2020, AC Cugini decided to move away from sponsoring teams in the club in leagues in the Washington DC metro area under the AC Cugini name and instead focus its programming on enhancing its award-winning international programming in Italy by offering playing and cross-cultural opportunities to older US and Canadian players - in addition to youth players as we have since 2001. 

Because of AC Cugini's long history of working with soccer organizations in Italy and our staff's ability to communicate fluently in Italian, we have developed many high-level contacts in Italy which allows us the unique opportunity to create one-of-a-kind programs in Italy for American youth players and coaches as well as programs for the over 21 age group. This allows youth players the chance to be reviewed closely by talent scouts from professional Italian clubs with the necessary translation assistance available from AC Cugini to support any player selected by an Italian club.

AC Cugini's “Play Soccer in Italy” international cross-cultural program was developed in 2001 to further expose American players to Italian player development; allow players the opportunity to add international playing and training experience to their soccer background, of great value to college recruiters; offer the most talented players access to Italian talent scouts, and have athletes experience the countless wonders of the Italian culture and history. This highly successful program was an important element of the special recognition which AC Cugini received in 2004 from the Italian National Olympic Committee.

We do not take players to the commonly known international tournaments in Italy offered by numerous tour operators where a U.S. team could end up playing against another U.S. team or Canadian teams. Our focus has always been to create a unique experience where our teams play against Italian teams, with Italian players or train with professional Italian clubs as well as CONI and FIGC staff.

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