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AC Cugini Refund & Financial Obligation Policy

Applies to all Programs for Members & Nonmembers 

The AC Cugini refund policy and financial obligations policy below was established by AC Cugini's Board of Directors. Every time a parent enrolls their child in an AC Cugini program, they sign a release form online or on hard copy forms, stating they have read, understand, and agree to all AC Cugini policies, including the refund and financial obligations policy, as listed in travel team registration parents receive before enrolling their child and as listed on the AC Cugini website for all other programs. It is each parent's responsibility to read all policies and ask AC Cugini officials questions before making a decision to register their child.

  • Once payment and/or registration (either online or with hard copy) is submitted for any AC Cugini program, there are no refunds or credits for another AC Cugini program, regardless of when the player leaves an AC Cugini program or team.  

  • If a travel team player is on scholarship and leaves an AC Cugini team before the program year ends in June, they must pay AC Cugini the standard non-scholarship annual tuition fee for the academy program year, less any tuition fees paid to date for the program year. This is also explained on the registration form and any scholarship application form that each parent signs, so each parent is fully aware of the commitment required and all financial obligations before they accept a scholarship for their child at a reduced tuition rate.

  • All travel team members must meet all financial obligations established by AC Cugini and the team to which they have committed in order to maintain their spot on the team. if a travel team player drops out at any time or does not enroll for the next program year, the player also loses their spot in any current or future team training. If a parent requests a release for their child on a travel team, at any time, once the player is officially released, the player is no longer a member of AC Cugini unless they transfer to another AC Cugini team. Released players transferring to a non-AC Cugini team are no longer members of AC Cugini and may not participate in any future AC Cugini team practices or activities, effective the date of the approved release.

  • If a travel team player drops out, any money paid to date will not be refunded and the player's parents are contractually obligated to pay the full annual tuition fee as agreed to on signed registration contracts - either paper or online/electronic. No player will be "released" to transfer to  a non-Cugini team until the player/parent meets all financial obligations as stated on the registration form they signed and submitted. Parents must submit to a team official a release request in writing for their child. Once a parent submits a release request, AC Cugini will process the release according to all governing authority rules (US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, VYSA, MSYSA, etc.) IF the player/parents have met their written financial obligation in full. If they have not met their financial obligation, the parent will receive written notification from AC Cugini club officials that the player will be released only upon payment of full financial obligation. AC Cugini club officials will also notify all governing authorities once the player's financial obligation has been met.

  • No refunds are given for uniform or equipment purchases.